Eura Visitor e Eura Conference

Two perfect models in situations requiring a seat with a strong personality: in the office, in a conference room or even in the home. Eura Visitor on a slide frame has the addition of comfortable padding and fine stitching that make it ideal as a guest chair in executive offices. Eura Conference with four legs 4 legs is ideal for conference rooms thanks to the numerous details. 

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  • Four different backrest versions: in plastic, in plastic with upholstered panel, in mesh or upholstered.
  • Two different and extremely versatile models: Eura Visitor with sled base and Eura Conference with four-legged base, with/without the anti-panic tablet.
  • Eura Conference can be equipped with an anti-panic tablet and a steel wire alignment clip
  • Class 1IM reaction to fire
  • 7-year warranty





Giovanni Baccolini has been working with Aresline on the creation of seating for workplaces and collective spaces since 1996.

Manufacturing features

  • The seat is made of 10 mm natural beech ply-wood, padded and upholstered.
  • The back is made of 10 mm natural beech ply-wood, varnished with aniline or padded and upholstered.
  • The plastic back is made of injection molded polypropylene, with a slip-proof finish. It is available in
    black or translucid white.
  • The Polo mesh backrest is made of a painted steel rod frame, with a diameter of 12 mm, covered with
    a mesh of polyester in black or white color.
  • The back supports are made of black nylon as standard with black frames; they are in polished
    aluminum as standard with chrome-plated frames (in the PP back they are in PP integral molded with
    the back).
  • The structure is made of tubular asform steel frame with diameter of 25x2 mm, varnished or
    chrome-plated. All the small components are protected by a black or nickel-plated galvanizing process.
  • The padding is made of contoured polyurethane fire-retardant foam with thickness of 45 mm. The thickness of seams comfort seat on Elite version is 55 mm. The density is of 40 kg/m3. The upholstered back has a thickness of 30 mm and a density of 30 kg/m3.
  • The top of the arms is made of black “soft-touch” elastomer.
  • Conference version: the anti-panic writing tablet is made of black polypropylene; the anti-panic movement is in polished die-cast aluminium (available only for the 4-leg version).
  • Conference version: the under-seat is made of injection molded polypropylene and the alignment clip is in steel plate and steel wire of 3 mm thickness (only for the 4-leg version).
  • Conference version: the dual-wheel self-braking castors are in reinforced nylon for soft floor or with polyurethane tread
    for hard floor. The fixed glides are in reinforced nylon.

Dimensions (cm)


Eura Visitor
Eura Conference
Eura Conference with writing tablet


plastic backrest
plastic backrest with upholstery
mesh backrest
upholstered backrest


plastic backrest
plastic backrest with upholstery
mesh backrest
upholstered backrest



We are the only Italian company offering a 7-year warranty on our products.

Please contact the Quality and Environment office for information on the certificates available on the series.



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