A handful of pieces for multiple uses. This is the concept behind BASE, a modular system devised to create protected individual or relational spaces in open-plan offices. To perform several activities with a single, versatile and modular system. 

To create places to meet up, focus, relax or participate; affording privacy when necessary, or room for interaction and sharing as needed.

A free-standing, sound absorbing and modular system, which can be put together freely to suit specific requirements. It can be used as a simple sound screen, as a seat or a meeting space, since it is versatile by vocation.

A recreated space.

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BASE will be on sale before the end of 2017


To give a dynamic form to our “personal bubble”. by Renata Sias

According to recent worldwide researches, disturbance caused by noises is one of the main problems designers encounter when planning collective environments.

Especially in the workplace, any benefit deriving from the flexibility and fluidity in the flow of information in open spaces, can be reduced to nothing because of an insufficient level of acoustic comfort and to a lack of special “closed” areas.

Today, with the wide-spreading of smart working, it has become object of higher sensitivity and awareness, but it still does not represent a new requirement raised by workplace 3.0…


Already 50 years ago, anthropologist Edward T. Hall, creator of the proxemics, identified the “personal bubble” based on his studies on how men organise their own space and interact, in other words, a variable “sphere” that involves the micro-space around a person and not just his body; it is not a concrete physical space but rather a cultural space whose size varies based on the activities or relations going on inside it.

Physical and mental health, concentration and productivity of the workers can all be threatened by noises; hence, the interior design sector needs to focus on searching new efficient answers acoustically speaking.

However, to obtain a higher level of comfort, it is also important to consider and resolve the feeling of discomfort in completely open spaces (transit, work and life areas).

To find a solution to the instinctive need of “defining territories” (whether collective or personal) with even only virtual, acoustic or visual boundaries, and to invent non-static boundaries that shape the dynamism of the “hidden dimensions” as identified by Hall all represent an interesting challenge for the industrial design.

In recent years, the many products designed to recreate “cocoons” or “private shells”, despite their efficiency, were not able to fully meet the problems typical of today’s work and life styles.

That is why today, the market is opting for more versatile and flexible solutions from a space and time point of view, capable of tracing fluid boundaries inside which we can work, concentrate, have fun, relax or interact with other people.

Hall’s “personal bubble” can be transformed into something concrete only through a dynamic manner.

Base designed by Frigerio Design is a furniture system that deals with environmental comfort from a proxemics point of view and is in fact produced by Ares Line, a company that boasts a solid experience in comfort and ergonomics and has adopted an holistic approach to the product.

Renata Sias, director of WOW! Webmagazine


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