Sandro Rai


Sandro Rai



My activity consists of proposing interior design projects for the home and the workplace. I start with the concept that there is nothing that cannot be designed and my constant objective is to turn every customer’s desires into reality.

The people who contact me almost always know what they want but, if that is not the case, it is up to me to understand their needs and desires and turn them into an actual project. My skilled use and combination of colours, geometric shapes and light, and my almost maniacal attention to detail, make me a perfectionist in the sector.

Research and keeping pace with trends are the guidelines that allow me to find the right interactions between shapes and materials and create my own innovative style. And anyone who thinks that an excellent result is synonymous with a major investment needs to think again, as creative value is not directly proportionate to monetary value.


“I want to be a builder”: how many times did I repeat those words to myself as a child, when I stood watching the men on the roofs as, brick by brick, they built walls and houses, up there in the sky, enjoying the view. Now, after obtaining a degree in architecture from the Iuav University of Venice and a master’s degree in interior design at the IED of Turin, I can see it too, albeit from another perspective. I have travelled extensively, searching for the secrets of every city, in order to understand its shapes and structures, and refining my skills and my aesthetic eye. On every trip, I have been ready to open my baggage and trade my knowledge with the knowledge of others, interacting with new collaborators and allowing myself to be ‘contaminated’ with the design culture of the entire world.