Our commitment to sustainability

We care about the planet's needs

We protect the planet's needs by choosing sustainable energy suppliers with certified "Guarantee of Origin" renewable energy sources.


Our commitment is such that all our products have VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) certification through compliance with the Minimum Environmental Criteria (MEC), producing less than 0.5 mg/m2 of emissions, as stipulated in the European toolkit “EU GPP Criteria for furniture” (2017) for the furniture sector.


We constantly improve our environmental performance and, in line with the EMAS regulation, every year we publish a statement regarding our environmental management.

Bee sustainable!


Our Corporate Project in Support of Bees.


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We look after our habitat,
starting from our local area

We are and will always remain a company that invests in their local area: we work together with neighbouring bodies because we believe that an understanding of the local context is an important heritage to pass on in order to ensure quality of life and low environmental impact.


We actively support a number of local cultural initiatives, including sports clubs and theatre groups. We also sponsor Italian events of international prestige, like Love Design and the Dedalo Minosse Prize …

We safeguard your wellbeing
and that of our employees

Health is of primary importance to us: our ergonomic products allow us to create healthy and functional work environments.

The establishment of the Contract Design Network (CDN), a network of companies in complimentary fields, enables us to offer customized solutions dedicated to the wellbeing of our customers while satisfying all their needs.


And we do not just look after you (and our customers) but also our staff. Our company work environments were designed by combining style with daily work needs.

We manufacture sustainably

Aresline's Environmental Management System is certified ISO 14001, which has increasingly focused our attention on environmental factors, both in the company and in product design.


The certification is internationally valid and helps to quantify the environmental impact of all production stages: cutting, sewing, gluing, upholstering, tacking, assembly and packaging, marketing, delivery, installation, and after-sales support for all our products, which includes seating for offices, waiting areas, and public spaces, furnishings, and soundproofing panels.


We are committed to intelligent use of resources and the use of more sustainable materials:


  • We were the first in Italy to use flame retardant plastic derived from post-consumer and domestic refuse, rather than industrial post-production waste.
    Our aim is to give plastic a second life by transforming consumption waste into comfortable and elegant seating, while always guaranteeing strength and durability.


  • The wooden components in our seating come from certified FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) forests. In this way we commit ourselves to good forest management and help preserve biodiversity, believing in ecologically valid management to ensure resilient forests for an ever greener future. 


  • We provide a range of fabrics made from recycled plastics and previously used polyester, derived from water and drinks bottles, packaging, etc. Currently we use fabrics with a minimum of 50% recycled materials with some fabrics up to 100%. Our objective is to make the latter the first choice for manufacturing Aresline products.
    To encourage sustainable choices, we are planning to multiply their number in our fabrics catalogue, so that you can make the best choice without sacrificing comfort and style.


  • On the strength of constant research we have been able to almost completely eliminate glue from inside our products, opting for innovative fixing techniques or water based glues. We give importance to choosing materials with the safest chemical compositions, in order to protect your health and that of the planet.


  • Right from the start we always tried to make easily dismantled seating to ensure simple and appropriate disposal of all components at the end of a product's useful life.


  • For packaging we only use cardboard and, when strictly necessary, recycled plastic, substituting single-use plastics and polystyrene. We also use only the quantity of materials absolutely necessary and of the right size.
    Our next objective will be to achieve reuse of the same packaging inside the company.
Our careful decisions led to Aira GreenUp

A point of pride for us!

It is the first seat made 70% from an innovative and sustainable post-consumer plastic.
It falls well within the Minimum Environmental Criteria (MEC), and we hope it will inspire other manufacturers to make the right decisions for the environment.


And we hope that your choices will help us to make it the only plastic used inside the company!


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We guarantee durable products

Our aim has always been to create high quality products for our customers. Through innovation and increasingly in-depth research we were able to combine outstanding comfort and style with this quality, creating unique and highly durable items.


This combination resulted in certified products with extended life cycles that protect the environment, thanks to reduced emissions and less waste materials during the production and disposal cycles.


We were the first in Italy to guarantee our products for a minimum of 7 years, underlining our commitment to reducing waste and creating durable items. To achieve this our chairs are subjected to constant severe UNI EN testing, which certifies their strength and durability. Furthermore, all our products are fire retardant to improve safety at work and in public places.

Protecting the environment is our highest ideal, and our aim is to create high quality, comfort, and style for you and the entire planet.
Now all you have to do is sit down and relax to make the world a greener place.