Aira GreenUp

Good for you. Good for the Planet.


We understand your urge to take care of the planet. We want it too.
So we decided to help you make a difference by doing what we do best.



You can sit and think
how to green the world.

Or you can just sit.


We went back to our signature chair


and revisited its building process.


Say hello to Aira GreenUp!

Aira GreenUp is focused

on sustainability
and performance.


  • Made with plastic from separate waste collection.
  • Fire retardancy - Class 1.
  • Strength, durability and safety tested.

We convert plastic waste

into a solid and long-lasting chair,

with the chance to be recycled again.

Aira GreenUp is Aira version with a shell made from post-consumer recycled plastic.

The chair can be totally disassembled for disposal, and its materials can be recycled, reducing waste.


Recycled Materials Post-Consumer




> 99 %



> 99%

Aira GreenUp

is available with all Aira Series bases