Free-Standing Multipurpose Room Seating and Armchairs


Free-standing seating and armchairs for Multipurpose Rooms that can be infinitely reconfigured. Versatile, foldable... but, above all, easily removable! Discover all of Aresline’s free-standing seating and armchairs for Multipurpose Rooms!


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Multipurpose Rooms have different purposes and uses: They can be used as work areas, for teaching and training, and used as conference rooms and spaces to be transformed into something different. Aresline offers different solutions: From folding armchairs to stackable four-legged chairs and sled chairs.


Free-Standing Seating and Armchairs


Free-standing seating for multipurpose rooms is easily removable and stackable, and some models may even be stacked horizontally in order to be swiftly removed, quickly freeing the room for other uses. The seating may be equipped with alignment hooks, inter-row bars, and a foldable writing table in High-Laminate Pressure.

The seating can present seats and backrests made of polypropylene and structures made of beech plywood with aniline paint finish (both of which are fire retardant), or it can be padded and upholstered with class-1 fireproof fabric. They can be combined with multifunctional tables of different shapes and sizes.

This type of seating for multipurpose rooms is a good choice for environments intended for teaching activities and meetings or conferences requiring spatial flexibility.


Compliance with safety and ergonomics regulations for Multipurpose Room Seating


Aresline’s Multipurpose Room Seating is certified according to the EN 16139/2013 standard (which specifies the requirements for safety, strength, and durability for all non-domestic type seating) and the EN 1728/2012 standard (which specifies the test methods for the determination of strength and durability).

As for all our products, our multipurpose room armchairs are made to offer maximum comfort in full compliance with current regulations in terms of safety. Our products have fireproof certification for padded seating.

We are in compliance with MEC (Minimum Environmental Criteria).

We follow the ISO354 standard (which specifies a method of measuring the sound absorption coefficient of materials and/or objects, such as furniture, in a reverberation room and the obtained values can be used for comparisons and calculations for the purpose of controlling the noise and acoustic features of the environment).

Thanks to this enormous amount of work, we are the only ones in Italy to be able to offer a 7-year warranty on all our products!


Sustainable Materials


We use the best materials available on the market: Wood of various kinds and qualities; steel of different thicknesses and shapes; self-extinguishing and CFC-free polyurethanes presenting densities per cubic meter that are most suitable for maximum comfort; class-1 fire retardant coatings with suitable grammage and high abrasion Martindale tests.


Made in Italy


All of our seats for theaters and auditoriums are produced in Italy, more precisely in the Venice Manufacturing District.

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