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For over 30 years we have specialized in the design, production and installation of classic, as well as modern, seats and chairs for theaters and auditoriums. Explore not only our theater seating options but also all Aresline products!


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What makes us special


Our continual focus on the future allows us to improve the experience of public spaces over time. We achieve this in a number of ways. By combining our technical skills with a flexible approach we can work alongside our customers throughout the design process. We also conceive and study tailor-made solutions that meet particular needs, and we collaborate with architectural firms to develop new products. In addition, comfort, for us, is well-being, and a sensory experience that extends to the refinement of the details, not just the ergonomics of the seating. Finally, it is not just the services we offer, but the quality of the environments we design that renders us unique.


Customization and design collaboration, an example - The Linz Müsiktheater


Each of our theater seats can be customized with fittings and features that ensure the best solution for each project. Project collaboration is essential. The comparison between ideas is the basis of growth and stimulates the creation of new products and new solutions. In the Linz Müsiktheater project, one of the most avant-garde theaters in the world, we developed a bespoke armchair in collaboration with the UK Terry Pawson & Architekture Consults. The armchair plays a fundamental role in determining the acoustic result of a theater, or concert hall, if you want to achieve an acoustically perfect result. The acoustic design of these environments is, in fact, very complex because the sound message is almost never spread by amplification systems. Therefore, the advice of specialized technicians and the careful choice of materials and shapes are essential. Among these, particular attention must be paid to seats for theater and music hall environments: just consider that the armchairs must guarantee a constant sound absorption power whether they are occupied by the public, or whether they are empty - for example during general rehearsals. Inside the Linz Opera House Müsiktheater the sound absorption curve is almost identical whether measured with occupied or unoccupied seats, with constant reverberation times. How was that possible? Aresline created 23 versions of the same armchair, with six seat variants and fourteen seatbacks of different shapes and spacing distances. Last but not least, the seats are all equipped with an innovative multimedia touch screen system installed on the back of the backrest that allows the user to interact directly with the the theatre services at their disposal.


Seats for theaters and auditoriums with the need for space reconfiguration


Some of our seats are designed for multipurpose rooms. For example the V9 armchairs and Metropolitan allow for a complete reconfiguration of two completely different rooms - see the ultra-modern and technological Ex-Cinema Radar of Monopoli and the Civic Theater of Schio. The Strapuntino seat, which automatically closes and recomposes itself when not in use, is also very remarkable.


Compliance with safety and ergonomics regulations


Each of our chairs is designed to ensure maximum safety, maximum postural and acoustic comfort, and is always in compliance with the regulations in force.

  • EN 12727/2017 (this norm specifies the requirements that determine the safety, structural strength and durability of all types of beam seating that are permanently fixed to the floor and / or walls, whether in the form of benches or single chairs).
  • Fire reaction certification for upholstered armchairs.
  • Compliance with C.A.M. (Minimum Environmental Criteria).
  • ISO354 (this norm defines a method for measuring the sound absorption coefficient in a reverberation room of the equivalent absorption area of furniture. The values obtained can be used for comparison, design calculation for the purposes of noise control, and for assessing the acoustic characteristics of the environment).
  • All this allows us to offer you a 7-year warranty.


Sustainable materials


We use the best materials on the market: wood in its various types and characteristics; steel of different thicknesses and shapes; self-extinguishing and CFC-free polyurethanes which are glued with water-based resin adhesive, with the densities per cubic meter most suitable for achieving maximum comfort; fire retardant coatings with suitable weights and high abrasion Martindale tests.


Made in Italy


All of our seats for theaters and auditoriums are produced in Italy, more precisely in the Venice Manufacturing District. 

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