Lecture Hall Seating for Teaching and Training Classrooms


Discover Aresline desks and chairs designed for teaching, training and universities. For each classroom we design, we pay special attention to both the ergonomics and functionality, without neglecting the design and configurability of the room!


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Over 30 years of experience in the production of chairs for universities, classrooms and training rooms


For over thirty years we have been designing spaces and manufacturing products, entirely in Italy, for educational environments. Our proven experience allows us to comprehend customer needs and provide products that meet the highest standards of quality, ergonomics and comfort.


Educational seating solutions for universities and colleges


Our benches and chairs for teaching and universities are with the best materials, and the most advanced technology, for durability that goes well beyond the 7-year guarantee with which we certify every product that exits our doors. They comply with EN 12727 and EN 15372 (strength, durability and safety - requirements for non-domestic tables) and EN 1730 (test methods for determining stability, strength and durability).

  • The bench system consists of: table, seat and uprights, as well as numerous optional accessories.
  • The tables are fixed or folding, anti-panic with an external laminate finish.
  • The seats can be folded down with a return spring that can also be cushioned to reduce noise during the closing phase.
  • They can be made of beech plywood dyed with aniline, with water-based paint, or, padded and upholstered with fabrics with Trevira fiber, which are fire retardant and with a Martindale abrasion resistance of over 100.000 cycles.
  • The uprights of the supporting structure are firmly fixed to the ground with two, or even three fixed points for each place.
  • The document baskets are horizontal and under the counter, or vertical.The ducts for the passage of electrical or data cables, with suitable separation to eliminate any interference, can be inspected and allow cables to enter at the beginning, and / or at the end, of each row.


Tables with integrated seats for teaching and training


Our tables with integrated seats for computer classrooms or study rooms have a large support surface with a laminate surface finish and are equipped with a frontal panel which, in addition to giving the user adequate privacy, allows the easy passage of cables for power and data. They are equipped with a swivel seat hooked to the supporting structure in tubular steel by means of a die-cast aluminum alloy arm, all fixed to the floor with suitable load-bearing gussets. In this way, optimum capacity is ensured for each classroom, all the while in compliance with regulations. Silence during use and ease of customary cleaning are guaranteed. The seats are in single-shell polypropylene or beech plywood - both fire retardant, or padded and upholstered with fire retardant Trevira fiber.


Innovative Seating


For training that involves greater interaction with the teacher, we have engineered and put into production an innovative line of mobile and swivel seats that allows for infinite configurations within the same space. This is the Aira seat in a “Huddle Space” configuration, literally “meeting space”. The Aira Huddle Space can swivel, and is equipped with a large, integrated swivel table, which is also suitable for left-handed writing.

The base, made of steel, is hexagonal in shape, exactly like a beehive, which is in nature the best way to join (and in our case to store) many units without losing spaces.

At the base there is also a spacious basket for documents and/or backpacks.

The seat, on the other hand, is in colored polypropylene, complies with ecological criteria, and is fireproof.


Mobile Seating for Multipurpose Rooms


The Zero9 mobile armchair is an interesting chair possibility for universities and classrooms. A four-legged seat equipped with armrests and writing tablet, it also features a very comfortable flexible backrest that provides extremely comfortable seating even after several hours of use. Zero9 can be stacked both vertically and horizontally, taking up very little space.

The seat can be combined in function and style with the multifunction Zero9 Table. Featuring a folding top and wheels, it can easily be stacked horizontally.


Tables for Teaching


Aresline does not stop at chair design, but thanks to our many years of experience also boasts the ability to design and supply tables as well.

Find out more in the Aresline Tables section.


Safety and Ergonomics Certifications and Regulations


We are always attentive to regulatory norms and certify each of our products.

Our systems comply with EN 12727 and EN 15372 (strength, durability and safety - requirements for non-domestic tables) and EN 1730 (test methods for determining stability, strength and durability).

They are ISO354 certified (This norm defines a method for measuring the sound absorption coefficient in a reverberation room of the equivalent absorption area of furniture. The values obtained can be used for comparison, design calculation for the purposes of noise control, and for assessing the acoustic characteristics of the environment).

The seats can be padded and upholstered in polypropylene or beech plywood, and all have fireproof certification.

Our products comply with environmental and ecological criteria, and we are the only Italian company in the sector that can boast a 7-year guarantee on all products.


Italian Quality


All our armchairs, not only those for teaching and training classrooms, are produced in Italy, and more precisely in the Venice Manufacturing District.

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