Hip-Up Family


Hip-Up is a folding table on lockable casters, suitable for the most diverse occasions. It is particularly useful for setting up conference halls or classrooms. It is easily stored, thanks to its folding surface and its wheels, but it still offers all the usability and sturdiness of a regular table. The T-Matic version is equipped with a non-electric mechanism that allows its height to be constantly and easily adjusted.

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  • Three different models with similar designs.
  • Hip-Up with classic leg
  • Hip-Up T with a more contemporary and minimalist leg design.
  • Hip-Up T-matic, with a top-lifting mechanism, as a perfect counterpart to the Hip-Up T design.
  • Foldaway tops and legs with locking castors.
  • Horizontal stacking.
  • Numerous accessories.
  • 7-year warranty.


measurements in centimetres

Manufacturing features


All models

  • Table top in double laminated particle board with scratch resistant finish and edging in ABS, thickness 30 mm.


  • Base in steel tubing with square crosssection, with support structure in sheet metal. White-varnished leg in elliptical steel tubing with cover caps in black polypropylene.

Hip-Up T

  • Base in steel tubing with rectangular cross-section, with support structure in bent and varnished sheet metal. Whitevarnished leg in rectangular steel tubing with cover caps in black polypropylene.

Hip-Up T-matic

  • Base in bent and varnished steel sheet metal. White varnished leg in square steel tubing with cover caps in sheet metal.


Base types

All models

  • Swivel castors with pedal lock system, double wheel gauge and polyurethane tread.




  • System for tilting the drawn steel seat, with spring hooking and release by means of dedicated polypropylene levers.

Hip-Up T and Hip-Up T-matic

  • System for tilting the drawn steel shelf with spring coupling and release by means of special levers in polypropylene and plane adjustment of the seat.

Hip-Up T-matic

  • Integrated mechanical system for height adjustment from 73 to 113 cm, by means of a special lever in reinforced nylon. (1–2)


Optional accessories


  • Cable slot in aluminium coloured polypropylene. (8)
  • Cable duct in black coated steel plate. (9)
  • Unit ready for connection to the electrical supply and LAN network. (3)
  • Double male/female hooks in black nylon for plans connection. (4-5)
  • Modesty panel in white varnished steel sheet metal. (6-7)


measurements in centimetres


measurements in centimetres


We are the only Italian company offering a 7-year warranty on our products.

For information on the certificates available on the series: Quality and Environment​​​​​​​.



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