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With the new facilities for the School of Veterinary Medicine, the University of Milan, a long-time client, can boast cutting-edge teaching and learning environments with the concept of “made-to-measure” built in.


The new University Campus for Veterinary  Medicine of Lodi, was designed by the Japanese star architect, Kengo Kuma, and opened in July 2018.

It required totally customised solutions, with differentiated fittings and products for different environments. It is a huge structure that occupies a floor area of about 20,000 square meters, of which 13,000 square meters are for studies, research laboratories and support offices and 7,300 square meters for classrooms,  the library and general services. It was an ambitious project of architectural and environmental harmony, in which acoustics played an important role, and that we could achieve thanks to the substantial use of Fonology technology and products. The Lecture Theatre was completely custom designed with 230 square meters of fireproof Listen acoustic slats by Fonology, expertly fitted with an oak veneer. All the specially produced peripheral fixtures (doors, windows and corners) were handcrafted in oak veneer to complement the slats. Perfect acoustics were achieved using a metal substructure into which we inserted a double layer of mineral wool pads. The space includes 200  customised Tempo seats, in brown fabric, wired and equipped with anti-panic tables. We custom built the speaker’s podium, fully wired and decorated with the University logo. The wall behind the speaker’s podium deserves particular attention: there is a specially designed load bearing structure that supports the whiteboard hidden behind the acoustic panels. In the classrooms, 1600 Omnia Evolution study desks were installed, in addition to tailor-made teacher’s desks, whiteboards and accessories.

The largest lecture hall has very high steps so we customised the Omnia Evolution desks with special headrest panels in natural beech, also used as veneer on the seats. At the client’s request, all the study desks were wired with cable ducts installed in front. Other seating included Aira chrome and white sled chairs for reading rooms, Trendy First Class for meeting rooms and Smart office chairs. The total amount of seating is for about 2400 people including students and teachers as well as non-teaching staff. 



  • CDN project in partnership with Fonology
  • focus on customisation
  • for the Thesis Room: 230 m2 of Listen by Fonology and 200 custom Tempo seats, plus solutions on demand for the lecturer’s desk and background wall
  • 1,600 Omnia Evolution desks for classrooms. Customised in some cases with extremely high rear back panels for installation on high steps.
  • All the Omnia Evolution desks are cabled, with a cable duct installed in front of the post.
  • Aira, Trendy First Class executive chairs and Smart task chairs.
  • The supply also included custom lecterns, blackboards and other accessories.


Lodi School of Veterinary Medicine



Lodi, Italy


End use

Classrooms, Lecture Theatre, reading, meeting and polifunctional rooms



Kengo Kuma


Construction supervision

Studio Pession, Archiloco


Set up surface

8,000 m2 for classrooms and reading rooms


Total supply

4,200 seats and 230 m2 of acoustic covering


Supplied products

Omnia Evolution, Tempo, Aira, Trendy First ClassSmart, Listen by Fonology, modular tables


Year of completion


If interested, please contact us

all fields are required



Major experience in study workstations

We have been designing and constructing teaching workstations in Italy for thirty years. Our experience allows us to understand sector needs and supply products that meet the highest standards of quality, ergonomics and comfort. As often happens, we also customised the Omnia Evolution workstation in this case as well, as requested by the customer.


Large supplies

The company production capacity is sufficient to satisfy orders for thousands of seats in very competitive times. The supply included custom lecterns, blackboards and accessories.


Warranties and certificates

All Aresline products have a 7-year warranty and are certified by the major certification agencies.

Class 1IM reaction to fire certification is available on request.


Style and customisation

The Tesi Room is an on demand solution created with almost craftsmanlike skill. The 230 m2 of Listen acoustic panels with oak staves by Fonology are skilfully finished with meticulous details.

The largest classroom has extremely high steps, so we supplied custom Omnia Evolution desks with custom rear back panels.

Technical data


1,600 bench seats, 250 removable seats,

200 auditorium seats, 100 task chairs



20,000 m2, of which 8,000 m2 for classrooms and reading rooms


supplied products

Omnia Evolution, Tempo, Aira, Trendy First ClassSmart, Listen by Fonology, modular tables



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