Campus Einaudi, Università di Torino

The Einaudi campus in lungo dora siena inaugurated the Law and Economics-Social Sciences hall. The building completes the large university architectural compound, made up of seven curved buildings joined by the large white and reflecting “encasement” element that makes it easy to see and recognisable from all scenic points in the city. the project was completed by a group of acclaimed professionals and firms in turin, coordinated by tecnimont civil construction – tcc (formerly maire engineering), with architectural design by london’s Norman Foster & Partners.
The new campus can house 10,000 students and staff members: 45 thousand square metre surface, 14 thousand square metres of greenery, 70 classrooms to house 8 thousand students, 5 combined libraries for a total of 620 thousand volumes. ares line was a global partner for the supplied and installed seats in the auditorium furnished with “Concerto” seats, the chairs in the library hub named after norberto bobbio and all the study halls with omnia, in the new Omnia Evolution version.

The classrooms were meticulously designed and constructed exploiting the most advanced technologies available in the education field. In fact, Omnia Evolution’s strengths are its ergonomics and comfort, and its versatility has allowed for a power point to be housed in each station to allow students to charge their devices.



  • Aresline global partner
  • Concerto fot the great hall
  • Omnia Evolution for the 70 classrooms and the libraries
  • integrated electrical channeling


Campus Einaudi



Torino, Italy


End use

Lecture hall, library pole, classrooms, offices



TCC e Norman Foster & Partners


Supplied area

45,000 m2


Supplied seats



Supplied products

Omnia Evolution, Concerto, Trendy


Year of completion


If interested, please contact us

all fields are required



Large supplies

The company production capacity is sufficient to satisfy orders for thousands of seats in very competitive times.


Warranties and certificates

All Aresline products have a 7-year warranty and are certified by the major certification agencies. Class 1IM reaction to fire certification is available on request.



The Evolution study workstations and Concerto seats with table are cabled to allow users to charge their smartphone and other devices.

The electric cables are housed in special ducts incorporated into the seats.


Custom acoustics

The interior of the main lecture hall and the rear containment wall have been custom-designed with acoustic wood.


Technical data


8,000 students



 45,000 sqm


installed products

 Concerto, Omnia Evolution, Trendy



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