Istituto di Scienze Marine del CNR



The first two halls, 103 and 104, that house the new offices of the ISMAR cnr were inaugurated at the Venice Arsenale. The project follows the original layout of the ancient “squeri” dry docks (18 m wide, 38 m long and 9 m high). The new parallel volumes separated by the walls contain the laboratories on the ground floor with the offices and meeting rooms on the first floor. The longitudinal connection between the buildings, thanks to an elevated  passageway and opening of previously filled arches, provide a single grouping of the buildings. Eidos chairs with writing tablets and black fabric lined  seats perfectly match the conference room.



  • Eidos covered in black fabric with writing tablet for the conference room.


Conference Hall  "Tese" 103-104


Venice, Italia

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Conference Hall

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