Area Tecnologica Agridome AGCO SpA



Aresline, together with Fonology and its CDN partners, has designed the Technological Area inside the visitor centre of the AGCO multinational corporation, at its plant in Breganze (Vicenza).

AGCO is a world leader in the manufacture and distribution of complex machinery and equipment for agriculture.

The visitor centre is a modern steel and glass building. Its slim and futuristic lines combine harmoniously with an ancient rural building.

There is a large, multi-purpose hall inside the building that is used as an auditorium and showroom, with a surface area of over 1,100 m2 and capacity for 400 people.

Four-leg Zero9 seats have been supplied for this vast, multi-purpose space, which are ideal, due to their simple and quick attachment system, for changing the arrangement and the number of places in the hall.

The first floor has two training rooms for training courses and meetings, furnished with Evolution desks with PC power supply sockets.

The halls are also acoustically controlled with application of Fonology products, where possible. The heavy reverberation created by the size of the room, with its pitched roof and semi-gloss resin floor, combined with a large glass wall, has been reduced and controlled with Listen stave panels by Fonology.

In 2017, AGCO once again chose Aresline and the experience of CDN for another project, the "Technology Tunnel & Fuse Cube". The installation was inaugurated in September 2017, in the exhibition space of the Agridome in Breganze already furnished by Aresline.

It is an interactive and immersive multimedia installation, designed for B2B and B2C communication, a cross between a teaching area and a means of business promotion and technological culture.




Agridome AGCO


Breganze (VI), Italy

End use

Multi propose hall e training-room


Stefano Tognetti

Covered Surface

1400 mq

Overall supply

246 seats,  Listen stave panels by Fonology

Supplied products

Evolution, Zero9

Anno di completamento

2013, 2017

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postazioni con banchi fissi e cablaggio integrato

The strength of the Contract Design Network

An integrated project performed with our CDN partners, Mosaico Group and Fonology.



Evolution study workstations have a fixed and cabled desk to allow users to charge their smartphone and other devices.


Custom acoustics

 Our collaboration with Fonology has allowed us to solve the problem of reverberation caused by the size of the multi-purpose hall and use of reflecting materials such as the large glass wall and the gloss resin floor.

Technical data


246 seats



1.400 mq


installed products

Evolution, Zero9, Fonology

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