The most eclectic seat ever!


Aira is a complete collection of seats for a variety of settings including residential, hospitality, corporate, and educational.

Aira represents to perfection the concept of a “product family”, offering the seat in numerous variants in terms of colours, accessories and functions.

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Mono color shell finish
Bi-color shell finish
Aira GreenUp shell finish





“With Aira, I wanted to create an ample program configurable by the user. By combining materials, colors and finishes the user can create his  own seat according to his functional and aesthetic requirements.”

Manufacturing Features


  • Injection moulding in polypropylene in single or two colour versions.
  • Injection moulding in recycled polypropylene (Aira GreenUp).
  • Injection moulding in polypropylene with upholstered seat panel or seat panels and backrest, with padding in shape-retaining synthetic foam.
  • Injection moulding in polypropylene fully upholstered with padding in shape-retaining synthetic foam and covered in fabric with contrasting stitching and matching edging.



  • Bi-color: the innovative, internationally- patented moulding technique used for the shell allows a colour insert to be added, on the front and back, creating a pleasant visual effect that is ideal for contemporary and stylish settings.
  • bases with different finishes, depending on type, to be chosen from: in anthracite, white and dove grey varnished steel; beech wood; chrome-plated or polished aluminum.
  • Aira is perfect for use both indoors and outdoors, thanks to the treatment against ultraviolet rays (standard for the white shell and optional for the other colours).



  • Seat.
  • Stool.
  • Bench 2-3-4 seats.


Base types


  • Four-leg base in chromed or varnished steel with fixed feet.
  • Four-leg base in natural beech with self-levelling feet.
  • Pyramidal base in varnished steel with feet.
  • Pyramidal base in natural beech wood, with feet.
  • Four-spoke base in polished aluminum with feet.
  • Sled base in chromed or varnished steel wire with ganging device.
  • Five-spoke base in polished aluminum or nylon with castors. The self-braking swivel castors are in nylon for soft flooring or with polyurethane tread for hard flooring. The fixed feet are in nylon.
  • Huddle Space base with varnished steel basket and castors. The selfbraking swivel castors are with polyurethane tread for hard flooring.

Aira stool

  • Four-leg base in chromed or varnished steel with footrest and feet.
  • Pyramidal base in varnished steel with footrest and feet.
  • Disk base in chromed stainless steel with footrest.

Aira bench

  • Base and legs in varnished steel, with feet (adjustable).




  • Swivel seat in pyramidal base and four-spoke versions.
  • In the five-spoke version with castors, seat height adjustment with gas cylinder.

Aira stool with disk base

  • Seat height adjustment with gas cylinder.


Optional accessories


  • Underseat casing. Always recommended for upholstered versions that need to be stackable.
  • Concealed alignment hook with locking key.

Aira and Aira bench

  • Armrests with polypropylene top matching the shell or upholstered.

Aira with sled base

  • Armrests in steel wire.
  • Anti-panic writing tablet with rapid coupling-uncoupling mechanism.

Aira with five-spoke base and huddle space

  • Ambidextrous 360° rotating writing tablet in grey HPL with support arm in black or white varnished steel.

Aira bench

  • Side table.


measurements expressed in centimeters


We are the only Italian company offering a 7-year warranty on our products.

For information on the certificates available on the series: Quality and Environment​​​​​​​.



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