Multifunctional, configurable and extremely comfortable seat for collective and work spaces.

The refined and original design is enhanced by fine materials and finishes, along with a wide range of customizable options. The chairs can be stacked vertically and can always be stacked horizontally thanks to the folding seat and armrest, even with a writing tablet.


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  • Multifunctional, configurable chair.
  • Superior comfort guaranteed by the seat and backrest shaped for adequate support.
  • The movement of the backrest is flexible thanks to aluminium supports.
  • Wide range of finishes and combinations of seat and back available: polypropylene, upholtered, wood, mesh (back only)
  • Chairs, including those with armrests and writing tablet, can be stacked vertically and aggregated horizontally thanks to the movable seat and folding armrests (in 3 positions).
  • The end stop, integrated in the foot, prevents the upholstered seat from being flattened when the chairs are stacked.
  • The frame may be equipped with wheels; feet; 2 feet and 2 wheels.
  • Removable anti-panic writing tablet.
  • Built-in alignment hook in the structure for arrangement in rows.
  • Setup for seat and row numbering.
  • Zero9 armchairs are stylistically coordinated with the folding Zero9 Table.
  • 1IM-class reaction to fire
  • 1-class reaction to fire
  • 7-year Warranty


measurements in centimetres

Manufacturing features


  • Seat and backrest in scratch resistant polypropylene in various colours (some self-extinguishing colours available).
  •  Seat and backrest in scratch resistant polypropylene with panel padded with self-extinguishing shape-retaining flexible polyurethane.
  •  Seat and backrest in varnished natural beech plywood (also selfextinguishing), available on design in various stains and finishes.
  •  Backrest formed with black nylon frame covered with polyester mesh.


Base types

  • Oval tubular steel frame, with feet or self-braking swivel castors and nylon alignment coupling.



Optional accessories

  •  Manual fold-away armrests in fibreglass reinforced polypropylene. (1)
  • Anti-panic left/right removable writing tablet in HPL with die-cast polished aluminium frame. (2)
  • Anti-panic XL left/right removable writing tablet in HPL with die-cast polished aluminium frame. (3)
  • Wheeled trolley for maximum 20 seats. (4)
  • Movable profile for row spacer. (5)
  • Adhesive row numbers. (6)





Giovanni Baccolini has been working with Aresline on the creation of seating for workplaces and collective spaces since 1996.

Shell colors


measurements in centimetres


We are the only Italian company offering a 7-year warranty on our products.

For information on the certificates available on the series: Quality and Environment​​​​​​​.



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