Città Metropolitana di Roma

Since December 2015, more than 1,500 workers from the Città Metropolitana di Roma have been transferred to the new Torre Europarco (Europarco Tower) located in the EUR neighbourhood, in Rome. The Tower is part of a wider project by Transit-Purini Thermes for the business park of Rome comprised between Rome’s countryside and the historical city centre; the Ministry of Health (furnished by Aresline) and the maxi-mall are already operational while the residential building Eurosky by Purini is ready for use. The Europarco Tower, which features a particular facade covering, was first conceived in the winter 2006-2007. It would be evident to spectators that its visual changes based on the light it receives and on the position in which they are, thanks to a vertical sunshade system alternated on the four facades, with higher or lower density.

Over 100 metres high and with 31 floors, the building was designed by the Rome-based firm for Parsitalia group through a BNL/BNP Paribas fund; today, it hosts the new Città Metropolitana di Roma. The tower has an overall surface of 37,000 sqm, and will be the new office location for all the staff of Palazzo Valentini (ex-office of the Province of Rome) by the end of the year. Aresline, winner of the last Consip Agreement, purchase centre of the Italian Public Administration, is currently furnishing the new office of Città Metropolitana di Roma with 950 operational work chairs, over 3,600 chairs and, through Medit Italia, more than 7,000 sqm of curtains, as laid down in the agreement. Thanks to its strong competitive presence, the company was able to source and provide a very high number of supplies in a very short time to meet the binding needs of the client. The collaboration between Aresline and the designing firm Fortebìs Group of Rome was quite a success, in designing the space planning of all 31 floors of the Tower. For the first time, the Consip agreement asked the companies who were awarded the project, to collaborate with an architecture firm. The challenge was successfully met thanks to the strength of Fortebìs in workspace planning and in collaboration with Aresline, already a leader in the sector of office and public spaces seating solutions. By supplying the furniture to the Città Metropolitana di Roma, Aresline worked again on tailored projects: besides the standard supply as required by the Consip, the client indeed asked to design and produce tailored furniture, such as the reception desk and its pigeonhole behind it. The reception desk, which has an integrated scanner for incoming parcels and a lower area for the disabled, was produced with Fonology sound-absorbingmaterial, just as the background wall.

The experience of Fonology, a brand of Aresline, in the field of acoustic correction, made it possible to create a product not only functional and aesthetically in line with the client’s requirements, but also able to absorb the noise typical of crowded and chaotic places like a large building’s lobby.



  • created by the CDN
  • Supply under Consip agreement
  • Space planning Fortebìs Group
  • 950 workstations
  • 3,600 seats in total
  • Furnishings on demand



Città Metropolitana di Roma



Rome, Italy


End use

Offices, meeting rooms, hall



Transit - Purini Thermes


Space planning

Fortebis Group


Overall supply

3,600 seats


Supplied products

SmartZero9, Zero9 Filo, Naxos, Trendy First Class


Year of completion


If interested, please contact us

all fields are required



Large supplies

The company production capacity is sufficient to satisfy orders for thousands of seats in very competitive times.


Warranties and certificates

All Aresline products have a 7-year warranty and are certified by the major certification agencies. Class 1IM reaction to fire certification is available on request.



The task chairs are more comfortable than ever. They have micro-spring seats, 4D adjustable armrests, lower back support and the possibility of choosing between different oscillation mechanisms.


Style and customisation

We offer an extensive fabrics and leathers chart for all types of customisation.


Technical data


3,600 seats



88,000 sqm of furnished area


supplied products

SmartZero9, Zero9 Filo, Naxos, Trendy First Class



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