Fortebìs Group


Edith Forte e Simona Franci


Founded in



Our philosophy is based upon:
excellence | client-oriented approach | multidisciplinary | international design standard | design integrated | services | value engineering

Our values are:
commitment | ethics | process & best practice | confidentiality | team-play

Commitment. Fortebìs strongly believes in a client oriented approach as an important firm’s value. All professionals are driven toward the project success, embracing totally all objectives set by the client and making them their own. In this context Fortebìs always guarantees a prompt support, correct data flow and archiving techniques ensuring traceability and just in time response.

Ethics. Work ethic is the key factor to creating and consolidating a relationship of trust within the company and customers. Fortebìs’s management and decision processes are completely transparent; the clients take active part in all the phases of the project.

Process & Best Practice. Fortebis’s work is certified at an international level. We always use best practice when developing our consultancy. Each work process is implemented in accordance with the applicable procedures for planning, scheduling management and control.

Confidentiality. Fortebìs operates in compliance with confidentiality policies, protecting all information disclosed by the customer and ensuring that the information remains confidential even after the working relationship has ended.

Teamplay. Fortebìs has a team of experts with specialized qualifications in different fields of the construction business. the company selects its own resources in accordance with the technical and research skills applied to innovation. Each professionals, hired by Fortebìs, have their own responsibilities within every project, each based upon their specific qualifications.