Scope for sound


Fonology was founded in 2014 as an Aresline brand.


The Fonology division deals with architectural acoustics and arises from a natural development of the researches that Aresline was already making in the acoustic field on public area seating.

Thanks to Fonology, we offer the market global consulting and multi-material solutions for optimal acoustic comfort.


Fonology and Aresline share the same philosophy regarding " SOLUTIONS ON DEMAND"  

Every Fonology idea is in fact customizable!

Shapes, colors, graphics, and materials are studied in collaboration with the customer, to get to the full satisfaction of his needs with certification of the final result.


Thanks to constant research and a qualified technical office, Fonology employs and converts the reflecting materials, transforming them and elevating them up to their total acoustic optimization. An approach that allows the widest choice of materials, for the widest freedom of use and, above all, for a new interpretation of the sound-absorbency.


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Projects and integrated solutions


Aresline and Fonology together to develop projects in an integrated way.

The advantage? Innovative technical solutions and harmonious design thanks to the sharing of a strong sales network and a highly qualified technical office.