A.M.F. Bassano

A project that bears the signature of Contract Design Network, in collaboration with Aresline, and features our Fonology brand for the construction of a training room designed by Architect Paolo Dal Sasso.

A.M.F. is a leading company in the Vicenza area that produces accessories for clothing and leather goods for the most important international fashion houses, and which asked for the same characteristics from this project that it usually puts into its work: quality, creativity, service, sustainability.

The project, which included a training room with long desks and traditional equipment, evolved thanks to the collaboration between Arch. Paolo Dal Sasso, our Technical Department and the Fonology acoustic experts.  Working in tandem allowed us to carry out a high quality project in which the architect's creativity, combined with Aresline’s technical services and Fonology experts, produced an acoustically controlled room with excellent ergonomics, all the while making sure the aesthetics of the environment were not neglected.  The Fonology Team formulated acoustic calculations and proposed tailor-made solutions in close and continuous collaboration with the Aresline team who customized the Magister product in order to meet project needs.  This climate of continuous collaboration facilitated the exchange of information and speeded up design times.



  • CDN realization
  • 42 seats with made-to-measure long desks
  • 40 square meters of Listen Dogato sound-absorbing panels by Fonology
  • Collaboration between the architect Paulo Dal Sasso, the technical team of Aresline, and Fonology


A.M.F. Bassano



Bassano, Italy


End use

Training room



Arch. Paolo Dal Sasso


Covered Surface

50 sqm


Supplied seats



Supplied products

Magister custom version, Papillon


Year of completion


If interested, please contact us

all fields are required


CDN: added value

The great strength of the companies that are part of the CDN lies in their high capacity for collaboration. In both small projects and very complex ones, the goal is always to provide  complete service - ranging from tailor-made design to the supply and management of construction sites - and not to mention high quality provided to both to the customers and designers.


Acoustic correction

Thanks to the collaboration with our brand Fonology, we formulated acoustic calculations and proposed tailor-made solutions to meet the project’s needs.



Our Technical Department, to meet the needs of both the customer and the designer, developed, produced and installed a tailor-made version of the Magister model.


From design to completion

The two images below represent two of the main phases of the whole process: the first is a project rendering, approved by the Client; the second is a photo of the installation process.  The comparison highlights how faithfully we adhered to the goals of the project, something we consider synonymous with quality and reliability.


Project rendering
Photo of the installation process

Technical data


42 seats with long, made-to-measure desks



 50 sqm


installed products

Magister custom version, Papillon



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