Omnia Evolution


Omnia Evolution is an integrated, highly modular system of tables and chairs. It allows for maximizing the number of seats installed while guaranteeing high performance and excellent ergonomics. It can be adapted for flat, curved, stepped or sloping floors. The tables can be equipped with an extremely efficient anti-panic folding mechanism.

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Ergonomics and sitting comfort


Evolution is designed to be perfectly adaptable to installation on stepped floors. The height of the new vertical structure is  configured according to the steps and the raised backrest and lumbar support allow optimal posture.

The height of the step determines the height of the structure, of the headrest and of the post.


Writing table with anti-panic system, also installable on a curve


Feel free to design it on a curve precisely like in a straight line. The tipping writing table can be anchored to a track to allow  configuration on a radius layout. The anti-panic system, which has a highly fluid mechanism, is activated in emergencies  simply by exerting slight pressure on the body as you stand up.



Frontal panel



Seat & back

from 0 to 27 cm step height

from 28 to 35 cm step height

from 36 cm step height

Options for seat and back






Giovanni Baccolini has been working with Aresline on the creation of seating for workplaces and collective spaces since 1996.



measurements in centimetres



We are the only Italian company offering a 7-year warranty on our products.

For information on the certificates available on the series: Quality and Environment​​​​​​​.



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