Salvagnini Academy

SALVAGNINI is an industry leader in the design and production of machine tools that process sheet metal, and we were delighted to work with Traverso and Vighy architects on the design of the new Salvagnini Academy.

The education hall was created inside an old, completely renovated warehouse at the company's headquarters. The architects' idea was to build a circular room to host an innovative 140 seat hall, for an immersive 360 ° educational experience. The hall includes a central stage that, depending on the situation, can be transformed into a magnificent, round, solid baubuche wood table which can accomodate up to 12 people. The Omnia Evolution seats are all padded and upholstered, and have been equipped with aluminum, folding writing tablets, which were made according to the architects' design and produced with Salvagnini machines.



  • Tiered seating circular hall with central stage
  • Reconfigurable central stage with circular meeting table and 12 seats
  • Customised Omnia Evolution series products
  • Entrance corridors soundproofing by Fonology




Salvagnini Academy



Sarego - Vicenza, Italy


End use

Teaching room



Traverso - Vigy architects


Supplied seats



Models provided

Customized Omnia Evolution, Woody, Arigraf by Fonology products, circular meeting table, customized stage and tribune


Year of completion


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Technical data


140 seats


Supplied products

Customized Omnia EvolutionWoody, Arigraf by Fonology products, table, customized stage and tribune



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