CONI - Comitato Olimpico Italiano

The compound includes the School of Sport, the training institute for technical and managerial personnel in sports, a branch of the Institute of Sports Medicine and Science and the National Sports Library. To support all these activities, Aresline furnished the following locations: a Lecture Theatre with 180 Eidos chairs with anti-panic tablets; 3 computer rooms with Thesi seating, including one with the bench modified to create an oval multimedia table; lecture rooms with Omnia; and multifunctional rooms with Woody – up to a total of around 500 seats.



  • 180 Eidos with anti-panic tablet.
  • The Thesi bench set up in 3 computer rooms. In one of theese, Thesi was adapted to obtain an oval multimedia table.
  • Classrooms furnished with Omnia
  • Woody for multi-purpose rooms


"Giulio Onesti" Center - Coni



Rome, Italy


End use

Lecture Hall, classrooms, multipurpose rooms, computer rooms


Supplied products

Eidos, Thesi, Omnia, Woody


Completed in


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Technical data

installed products

Eidos, Thesi, Omnia, Woody



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