Università cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Roma, new library of Medicine and Surgery


The study and sharing spaces of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Rome were inaugurated on January 25th, 2018.  The new concept of the library, inserted inside an existing building, was to make certain areas more functional and contemporary.  The spaces were structured on 3 different floors, vertically and horizontally, and are connected by an internal staircase that has a strong architectural impact.  
Color characterizes each of the levels.  The green entrance level is the “Area of Dialogue”, with spaces that favor collaboration, meetings, and a relaxation area designed for short stays.  The yellow level is the “Area of Calm”, designed for group study, while the red floor, the “Area of Silence”, has single workstations and silent rooms shielded from noise.  The bookcase, which seems to cut through the three floors vertically, also acts as a horizontal partition allowing each floor to develop an internal corridor dedicated to services.  The creation of the entire bookcase, as well as the furnishings - from simple desks to more complex study stations - are tailor-made works made by expert carpenters under our supervision.  

Fundamental, also for this project, were the opportunities afforded by the world of Fonology: our division that provides sound-absorbing solutions.  The collaboration with the partners of Contract Design Network, allowed us to provide a customized design also of the required technological equipment.  All 240 study stations (140 more stations than the previous library) have the possibility of being connected to the Internet and Intranet, using personal computers and personal devices (wi-fi).  This allows for better accessibility to educational content, lightens the load of paper documents, and renders continuous and immediate updating possible.  The intention was to create a lively environment and ideal meeting place for students, because as the rector Franco Anelli underlined during the inauguration, “Universities are changing and so are the places of study.  A library is not just a book depository, we want to create community spaces, places where ideas are planted and allowed to grow.“  The acoustics, the technology, the design, the functionality of the furnishing elements are all characteristics that contribute to the quality and uniqueness of these environments.



  • Fully custom-designed (bookcases and all furnishings)
  • Complex and complete solutions
  • 240 wired study stations
  • Single project contact person who collaborated closely with the client's architects



Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore



Rome, Italy


End use




Ferrari Architect, Studio Cartolano


Covered Surface

1,350 sqm for a library, office and meeting room


Supplied products

Zero9 filo, Zero7, Naxos, listening stations with Listen by Fonology panels, all customized furnishings and solutions


Year of completion


If interested, please contact us

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Ability to customize even large projects

Our organizational capacity allows us to cater to the customer beginning from the design phase, so we can find the best solutions to their needs together.  For fully customized projects like this we make use of highly qualified carpenters who are able to engineer and implement the customer's design goals.


Robust production

The company's production capacity and internal organization allow us to satisfy large orders, even tailor-made, within competitive timeframes.  Included in delivery are all custom-made furnishings such as bookcases, tables of different shapes and sizes, special upholstery, reception desks, screen-printed glass walls, PCs and monitors.


Style and personalization

The wide range of offerings made it possible to perfectly match the required upholstery colors in eco-leather, laminate components, PP chairs.


Guarantees and certifications

All Aresline products are guaranteed for 7 years and are certified by the most important authorities.  Fire reaction class 1IM certification available upon request.

Technical data


240 wired reading stations, of which 40 have fixed PCs



 1,350 square meters of library space on three floors, with offices and a meeting room


installed products

Zero9 filo, Zero7, Naxos, reading tables with  Listen dogato by Fonology, all custom-made furnishings



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