Università Ca' Foscari

The campus is an impressive complex built to the highest levels of innovation and sustainability in terms of both  materials and equipment for teaching and research laboratories 4 new buildings - Alfa, Beta, Gamma and Delta – have  been constructed, which will soon be followed by a fifth structure (Epsilon) and a university residence for students, who  will turn it into a complete, modern university campus. 27,500 square meters is the current built area which houses the  Univesity’s entire scientific area and approximately 2,000 incoming students. 69 million euro have been invested in one of the largest construction projects ever undertaken by a public university. 240 seats have been set up with Concerto, which creates a comfortable space between rows with its elegantly designed, narrow sides. 641 seats for a total of 8 classrooms furnished with the Omnia Evolution programme, which allows for arranging chairs in both corners and rows.  103 Papillon armchairs, fast folding and transportable, for a multi-purpose conference room. 


  • 984 seats provided
  • 204 seats set up with Concerto , which creates an easy inter-row space with its narrow side
  • 641 seats set up with Omnia Evolution for a total of 8 classrooms
  • 103 Papillon for the conference room


Scientific Campus Ca' Foscari University



Mestre-Venice, Italy


End use

Classrooms, conference room



Studio Architetti Mar


Covered surface

27,500 sqm


Supplied seats



Supplied products

Concerto, Omnia Evolution, Papillon


Year of completion


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Technical data


984 seats



27,500 sqm


installed products

Concerto, Omnia Evolution , Papillon



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