Oblate Library, Florence

Situated just a few steps from Piazza Duomo in Florence, this public library is housed in the former 14th-century Oblate convent from which it takes its name. The 2015 renovation included the construction of a conference room with Concretech panels on the walls for sound absorption as part of a project that was mindful of the existing architecture, but at the same time with an eye to the contemporary with the choice of materials such as cement that sets apart Fonology’s Concretech panels. These panels have a dual function: to contain and to conceal the systems within, including the perfectly integrated audio speakers. The double line of light on the floor and ceiling outlines the perimeter of the room and illuminates the building’s cross vaults.



  • Panels that are perfect for containing and concealing the systems within.



Oblate Library



Florence, Italy


End Use

Conference Room


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