Crédit Agricole Italia

The new "Green Life" headquarters of the Crédit Agricole Italia bank in Parma forms part of an innovative context based on the lowest ecological footprint possible, respect for the environment and a concept of people-friendly work environments.

Based on a design by the Frigerio Design Group, the new head office has been conceived to put the person at the centre. The offices, based on the idea of a new flexible and dynamic working model, express the smart working concept perfectly.

Aresline has contributed to the project with Base, the modular system devised to create protected relational spaces in open-plan offices.



  • Basic project in which the focus is placed on a new culture of dynamic working models.
  • Focus on environmental issues, with an architectural design that is sensitive to the ecological footprint and sustainability
  • Base modular system for open-plan areas



Headquarter "Green Life" di Crédit Agricole Italia



Parma, Italy


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Headquarter, offices



Frigerio Design Group


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