HQ Regione Lombardia

The architecture of Palazzo Lombardia presents considerable organisational flexibility, due not only to the standardisation of the equipment and the use of partitions, but also high quality and good privacy in the areas dedicated to the Assessors – and high level of liveability in all the offices.

The project involved distributing the support areas to places with reduced exposure and the possibility of fulfilling the vertical and horizontal distribution models. The ground floor mainly counts public functions such as porticos, squares, commercial areas for restaurants, bars, stores and services. It also includes a kindergarten, an auditorium, a fitness centre, a showroom, post office, protocol and a space for the region. The first floor is made up mainly of mixed public/private functions. It has meeting and conference rooms, archives, libraries and media libraries. Floors two to eight are offices with operational seats (about 700) and areas dedicated to the Assessors of the Directorates-General, all furnished by Aresline.



  • 10,098 seats supplied
  • Zero7 for the workstations
  • Jolly for the conference rooms
  • Woody with laminate shell and anti-panic writing table for the training rooms
  • 700 workstations
  • 3,000 people


HQ Regione Lombardia



Milan, Italy


End use




Caputo Partnership e Pei Cobb Freed & P.


Space planning

Tiemme Studio, Arch. Tatiana Milone


Set up surface

88,000 sqm


Total supply

10,098 seats


Models provided

Zero7, Jolly, Woody


Year of completion


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Large supplies

The company production capacity is sufficient to satisfy orders for thousands of seats in very competitive times.


Warranties and certificates

All Aresline products have a 7-year warranty and are certified by the major certification agencies. Class 1IM reaction to fire certification is a standard feature for most of the products and available on request for the others.



ask chairs are more comfortable than ever. They have micro-spring seats, 4D adjustable armrests, lower back support and the possibility of choosing between different oscillation mechanisms.


Style and customisation

We offer an extensive fabrics and leathers chart for all types of customisation.


Technical data


10,098 seats



120,000 sqm in total and 88,000 sqm fitted out for 3,000 workstations


supplied products

Zero7, Jolly, Woody



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