Caputo Partnership International


Paolo Caputo



2014 Cascina Merlata,

Plesso scolastico, Finalist

2012 The Chicago Athenaeum,

Best Tall Building Europe

2012 Cremona City Hub

Urban Development, Finalist

2012 Madrid Municipality,

Atocha Social Hoousing Building

Caputo Partnership has been working for the last thirty years in the architec­tural, urban and interior design field. Its activity is mainly oriented on feasibility studies and projects, town planning and architectural planning from preliminary phases throughout the final imple­mentation. 


Paolo Caputo is Full Professor of Urban Architectural Design at the “Architecture and Society” Faculty of the Polytechnic of Milan. Since 1978 he has exercised, along with didactic and research activities, his private career as designer within Caputo Partnership. He has been in charge of urban and architectonic scale projects. Among his early works are listed: the transformational project of the IP Area in La Spezia, the Santa Giulia project, the Parco Adriano and Cascina Merlata in Milan, the Bassetti and Falck Areas respectively in Vimercate and Arcore and finally the Necchi Area in Pavia. He has entered many National and International competitions and has been awarded, among the many awards the contract for Palazzo Lombardia (along with Pei, Cobb, Freed & Partners), seat of the Lombardy Region in Milan and the contract to design Public (or Council) Housing blocks for Madrid’s Municipality. He has taken care of Exhibitions in Museums and Foundations such as the Triennale of Milan and of the interior design of some Civic Museums in Milan. His name has been associated to important projects and constructions in the residential building field, among which the Solea Tower for Hines within the “Porta Nuova Project” in Milan, and in other fields: industrial, touristic, accommodation and retailing facilities. He has designed and brought about both in Italy and abroad parks and public space systems, among which can be listed the new Abdali Park, integrated with the New Municipal Library and a Mosque in Amman. He has been visiting professor at Madrid, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Porto, Seville, Paris La Seine and Marseille’s University. He is member of the Teaching Body the Architectural and Urban Designing PhD at Polytechnic of Milan. He was appointed National Secretary of the “Istituto Nazionale di Architettura” (National Institute of Architecture) as well as President of its Lombardy Division. From 2002 to 2008 he was member of the Board of Directors of the “Fondazione Triennale” (Foundation Triennale) of Milan and since 2009 he has been Member of the EIRE Scientific Committee (Expo Italia Real Estate).


Among the numerous awards, together with Pei Cobb Freed & Partners he was awarded the contract for Palazzo Lombardia, headquarters of the Lombardy Region in Milan.