Provincia di Treviso

The Cittadella del Sant’Artemio is located in the renovated Psychiatric Hospital, a solution designed to group the offices of the Province together and facilitate access to its services. Its conservative renovation design followed the guidelines of architect Toni Follina. Because of its unique design and success, the project was presented at the Venice Architecture  Biennale in 2010. In addition to the offices, the renovation work included an auditorium, a canteen, a bar and even a  nursery for employees of the local authority as well as the general public. Ares Line provided 2,000 LinkEura, NaxosTeorema, Eidos and Thesi seats in all, responding to all levels of need, from management to operational, and also fulfilling expectations for conferences and educational uses. 



  • A project that responds to every level of need: from executive seating to task seating, from waiting until the conference and learning environments.
  • Supplied 2000 products.


Provicia di Treviso new headquarter


Treviso, Italy

End use

offces, auditorium, congress hall, community spaces


Arch. Toni Follina

Supplied chairs


Supplied products

Eidos, Eura, Link, Teorema, Thesi, Naxos

Year of completion


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Punti di forza

Technical data


2000 seats



installed products

Eidos, Eura, Link, Teorema, Thesi, Naxos

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