CGT - Confederation Generale du Travail

Specially designed with a curved Thesi bench and, contrary to the standard, the use of a padded Jolly chair. The sides of the room are lined with normal Jolly chairs with wheels, which can easily be removed to accommodate people in wheelchairs. The speaker’s table, also Thesi , is attached to the floor with a steel plate that can be quicklydisassembled if the stage needs to be clear.


Press Room:
Concerto chairs with writing tablets were chosen due to their small size - only 42 cm deep; these chairs are ideal for optimising the number of places while also ensuring plenty of room between rows. Trendy chairs played a double role for speakers: complementing the shape of the Concerto chair back by creating a “family feeling”, and ensuring maximum  comfort thanks to the adjustable depth of the seat and the individually nested pocket micro-springs in the seat. 



  • A project that expresses the versatility of Ares Line products.
  • The Thesi bench installed in a curve with a padded Jolly armchair.
  • The lecturers' table Thesi installed to be disassembled quickly when the free stage is needed.
  • The Concerto armchair with the tablet was chosen for the press room due to its small size.
  • For the conference table, Trendy armchairs were chosen to guarantee maximum comfort


CGT Paris



Paris, France


End use

Auditorium, Press Room


Supplied chairs



Supplied products

Thesi, Jolly, Concerto, Trendy


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440 seats


installed products

Thesi, Jolly, Concerto, Trendy



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