Ministero della salute

The headquarters of the Ministry of Health of Rome, in the Eur area, is located next to the new headquarters of the Città Metropolitana di Roma.  

Inside the modern building that houses the Ministry of Health, the new Conference Room occupies a total area of 750 square meters.  The environment, created in an important architectural space, has been enhanced with the use of comfortable and easy-to-move seats that guarantee the elegance necessary for a functional and representative space.  Through specific architectural and technological solutions, the conference room fulfils all requests for functionality and sound absorption.  Inside the expansive room, a large retractable mobile partition allows you to divide the environment into two smaller rooms, in which we have installed 248 seats: Genesis Evolution  that has been fixed to the floor and also equipped with integrated technology, as well as foldable Papillon and equipped with a large writing tablet.



  • 248 seats installed and supplied
  • Genesis Evolution with integrated technology
  • Papillon with large writing tablets
  • the room is reconfigurable and acoustically controlled



Ministry of Health



Rome, Italy


End Use

Conference room



Arch. Franco Capace, Arch. Michele Frese


Surface prepared

750 sqm


Seats provided



Supplied products

Genesis Evolution, Papillon


Year of completion


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Guarantees and certifications

All Ares Line products are guaranteed for 7 years and are certified by the most important authorities.  Fire reaction class 1IM certification available upon request.


Integrated technology

The use of technology is essential in a high-performance conference room.  When integrated, the aesthetic result matches the functional one and harmony is established.


Style and personalization

We offer a vast range of fabrics and leathers which allows for ample customization.


Technical data


248 seats



 750 sqm in total for a reconfigurable conference room


supplied products

Genesis Evolution, Papillon





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