Mole Vanvitelliana

The Mole Vanvitelliana (also known as Lazzaretto Vanvitelliano), designed by architect Luigi Vanvitelli, is a monumental building located in the port of Ancona and was once a place of refuge and quarantine. Today, however, it is a  large cultural centre whose specific Layout makes it perfect for hosting art exhibitions and events of all kinds. A conference room and several connected rooms were renovated in the Banchina Giovanni da Chio. The room was furnished with “Concerto” chairs with anti-panic, foldaway writing tablets and, as an elegant detail, an embroidered seat number; speakers, instead, sit on comfortable chairs with mesh backrests from the Zero7 line, which are also used in the reception and simultaneous translation stations. Hip Up tables, alone or in series, form all the necessary work surfaces.



  • The room was furnished with “Concerto” chairs with anti-panic, foldaway writing tablets and, as an elegant detail, an embroidered seat number;
  • Armchairs of the Zero7 line, for the speakers, with backrest on the net also used for the reception and the simultaneous translation workstations.
  • The Hip Up tables, alone or in series, have created every necessary work surface.


Conference hall and offices for the cultural centre in the Mole Vanvitelliana



Ancona, Italy


End use

Conference hall/auditorium, offices


Supplied products

Concerto, Zero7, Eura, Hip Up table


Year of completion


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Technical data

installed products

Concerto, Zero7, Eura, Hip Up table



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