Myspace is the most compact piece in the Aresline catalogue. When mounted on “Mobile Tribunes” technology, it guarantees a dynamic and space-efficient solution for multi-purpose environments. The carefully-designed aluminium sides conceal a mechanism for the synchronized opening of seat, backrest and armrests.


  • Ergonomics and practicality for maximum use of available space: with a footprint of only 15 cm, this chair can be equipped with a large writing tablet
  • Synchronized and silent backrest movement, achieved through a system of levers and counterweights
  • Armchair prepared for installation on inFloorSystem (system that allows the armchair to be moved under a flat or stepped floor)
  • Chair designed for installation in Mobile Tribunes telescopic seating system
  • Options: configurable on floor-fixed beam or on movable feet, side-mounted folding writing tablet
  • Wide range of accessories available to complete the collection
  • Configurable and ISO354-certified acoustic performance
  • Easily separable, fully recyclable components
  • Wood material certified by FSC® international standard
  • Complies with the highest levels of the EN 12727 standard and with the GPP (Green Public Procurement)
  • 7-year warranty
  • Conforms to the highest international fire reaction standards (Class 1IM for Italy)

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Giovanni Baccolini has been working with Aresline on the creation of seating for workplaces and collective spaces since 1996.



measurements in centimetres



We are the only Italian company offering a 7-year warranty on our products.

Please contact the Quality and Environment​​​​​​​ office for information on the certificates available on the series.


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