Klaipèda State Music Theatre, Lithuania

The new Klaipėda Theatre, built adjacent to the historic building, is now one of Lithuania's most notable contemporary architectural landmarks. The interior design project pays homage to the dunes of the Baltic coast, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, by choosing colors that evoke the tones of the sand. From fabrics to wood, from metallic finishes to wall treatments, everything has been carefully designed to envelop visitors in an emotional experience tied to the unique territory of the Lithuanian maritime city, creating a modern and functional acoustic space.

The completely new design work stimulated the reorganization of the spaces with the creation of two halls intended for different activities. The first hall is equipped with the Mobile Tribunes system with 178 Myspace chairs, which can quickly transform the space from an open to a seated auditorium; the second hall is divided into two zones: one with 130 removable seats in the orchestra pit and 567 fixed seats equipped with screens on the backrests. The backrests have two heights to improve the visibility of the stage and of the screens themselves.



  • Removable seats.
  • Raised backrests equipped with screens.
  • Color palette study.


Klaipèda State Music Theatre



Klaipèda, Lithuania


End use

Theater room, multipurpose room





Supplied seats



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custom-made chairs





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Technical data


875 seats


supplied products

custom-made chairsMyspace



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