Salzburger Landestheater, Salzburg, Austria

The Salzburger Landestheater, built in the middle of the 18th century and frequented by composer W. A. Mozart, is one of Austria's most important theatres and was reopened to the public on 12 November 2022 after a six-month renovation project focused on renewing its historic splendour with frescoes and gilded stucco decoration, modernising the stage with up-to-date technology and replacing all the seats in the stallsthe boxes and the balcony.

In addition to its own annual programme with more than 400 performances, during the summer season the Landestheater also hosts a number of productions related to the Salzburg International Music Festival.

Aresline won the contract for the supply of the theatre’s seating, characterised by an elegant and rigorous design and embellished with wooden elements ideally suited to the rare beauty of their surroundings.

The supply of seats was also accompanied by a study of solutions to several technical problems: the possibility of keeping the floor ventilation system in its existing position, overcoming problems of double floor inclination, making customised seats, and making some rows and seats removable to reconfigure the stalls according to specific needs.

The results of the study and its subsequent implementation allowed Aresline to fully meet the customer's needs, both in terms of proposed solutions and stringent delivery deadlines.

After its restoration, the Salzburger Landestheater is now considered the most beautiful theatre in Austria.



  • Salzburg custom seating: stalls with 314 seats on center leg, gallery with 212 seats on sides with depth reduced to 350 cm and 48 with depth reduced to 240 mm, 124 seats on 4 legs with footrests of different heights for the gallery.
  • possibility of ensuring the floor ventilation system between the stall seats
  • overcoming floor slope problems
  • tailor-made seating to meet different needs
  • making some rows and seats removable to reconfigure the stalls as needed



Salzburger Landestheater



Salzburg, Austria


Intended use

Theatre for symphonic music and opera, musicals, drama



Architekturwerkstatt Zopf


Supplied seats



Models supplied

Custom-made seating Salzburg

Customised 4-leg seats


Year of completion


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Customised design


Orchestra seating

  • Seats installed in a semicircle
  • Seats on central foot to make room for the air vents in the floor
  • Partially sloped floor
  • Design of seats 2 cm taller for the final 4 rows
  • Removable seats in the first two rows and the central aisle



  • Seats on shared floor
  • Dromedary hump steps with consequent construction of sides at different heights in line with the floor
  • Seats with different (more upright) profile for areas with reduced space


Small stage

  • Special and customised 4-leg chairs in variable heights (tot. 3) with footrests that are also variable in height (tot. 3) on sloping floor

Technical Data


697 seats


installed products

Custom-made Salzburg seating

Customised 4-leg seats

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