Goldoni Theater, Venice

Built in 1622 by the Vendramin family, the Carlo Goldoni Theater represents the oldest surviving theater in Venice, just steps away from the Rialto Bridge.


Recently, the theater underwent careful restoration and renovation work, paying homage to its glorious history and bringing about significant improvements.

A notable addition is the 350 new seats in the orchestra, custom-designed and provided by Aresline: the Campiello chair is a tribute to elegance and comfort.


Its clean lines and meticulous design details harmoniously blend with the surrounding environment. But it's not just about aesthetics. Great attention has been given to the comfort of the audience, aiming to ensure a pleasant experience even during long theatrical sessions. High-quality materials were used in its construction, while innovative production techniques, such as fabric lamination, ensure maximum durability and functionality.


The result of careful study and meticulous technical development fully met the client's demands: Aresline proved to meet expectations by offering tailor-made, high-quality solutions while strictly adhering to tight delivery schedules.



  • Restyling of the orchestra.
  • Curved seating on tiers.
  • Custom-designed seats: Campiello Chair.
  • Removable front rows for orchestra reconfiguration based on performance needs.
  • Compliance with current regulations.
  • Tight and mandatory production and installation timelines.


Goldoni Theater





End use

Theater for opera, drama, concerts



City of Venice for the Teatro Stabile del Veneto


Supplied seats

350 (Orchestra)


Supplied product

Campiello Chair


Year of completion


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  • Double armrests for improved comfort.
  • Removable seats in the first 4 rows for orchestra reconfiguration. A sturdy yet quick fastening system was devised, reducing the number of screws to remove by 50% compared to standard fastening.
  • Compliance with regulations in public spaces is crucial for safety: seats designed to ensure adequate escape routes.
  • Laminated fabric: improved comfort and durability of upholstery.

Technical data


350 seats in the orchestra


covered surface

300 sqm


supplied products

Campiello Chair



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