Verdi Theater, Padua

Intervening within the prestigious Teatro Verdi in Padua, a gem of the 19th century, was a fascinating challenge that required a careful blend of conservation and innovation.


The initial phase of the work focused on the flooring, bringing the original beauty of the floor back to life and restoring the splendor of Teatro Verdi.


The most significant intervention was the design and installation of new seating, the absolute protagonists of this transformation. The chosen seat for Teatro Verdi is the Metropolitan Chair, a design that harmoniously merges with the theater's classical environment while introducing a vibrant energy with its bold fiery red velvet. This stylistic choice, driven by the client, infused new vitality into the entire space, achieving a perfect fusion of tradition and modernity.


The Metropolitan chair proved to be a winning solution. Two different chair widths ensure the right curvature and adequate escape spaces. Generous armrests and an enveloping backrest provide comfortable and welcoming support, allowing spectators to fully immerse themselves in the theatrical experience.


Additionally, technical solutions were adopted to facilitate the installation and maintenance of the seating. Two types of floor anchoring were used: a traditional one and one that is easy to remove. The latter option allows for quick assembly and disassembly of chairs placed in the orchestra pit and in spaces designated for people with disabilities, providing the flexibility needed to adapt to various performance requirements and configurations.


The intervention at Teatro Verdi in Padua is an excellent example of how the preservation of historical heritage can coexist harmoniously with innovation and modernization.



  • Restyling of the orchestra.
  • Seating on curved and sloping floor.
  • Flooring stucco, sanding, and painting.
  • Rows with special and removable anchoring.
  • Compliance with current regulations.
  • Double seating centers.
  • 7 cm armrest for optimal comfort.


Verdi Theater





End use

Theater for opera, drama, concerts



Teatro Stabile del Veneto


Supplied seats

302 (Orchestra)


Supplied products

Metropolitan Chair


Year of completion


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  • Removable seats in the first 4 rows and the last 2 rows for orchestra reconfiguration. A sturdy yet quick fastening system was devised, reducing the number of screws to remove by 50% compared to standard fastening.
  • Laminated fabric: improved comfort and durability of upholstery.
  • Compliance with regulations in public spaces: two different chair widths were designed to adapt the seats to the required curvature, ensuring adequate escape routes.

Technical data


302 seats in the orchestra


covered surface

300 sqm


supplied products

Metropolitan Chair



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