Teatro Civico di Schio

Ingenious and versatility is a significant feature of the renovated Theater "Civico" that makes it famous  because it allows its parterre to be modified, making it suitable for experimental shows. 

The 191 Metropolitan Classic armchairs have tailor-made deatails which renew the concept of stage. 

The seats can be equipped with an ergonomic cushion to improve the comfort of the little ones.



  • Reconfigurable parterre thanks to 191 Metropolitan Classic armchairs with remouvable and storage system under the stage. 
  • ergonomic cushions to ensure the best comfort even for the little ones. 
  • flexibility, comfort and safety


Teatro Civico di Schio



Schio, Italy


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For the parterre, renowned for its flexibility and therefore suitable for hosting experimental shows, we have studied and engineered a remouvable system of the 191 Metropolitan Classic armchairs which are easily stored under the stage.

Technical data


191 stalls armchairs

64 chairs and stools for the first and second order theater boxes


installed products

Metropolitan Classic (Solution on demand)

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