Centro de convenciones "Olof Palme"

The renovation and expansion of the “Olof Palme” convention centre in Managua (Nicaragua), directed by architect Bruno Belluomini, is part of a series of construction projects arising from the desire to build a new canal connecting the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean and Atlantic Ocean.

The convention centre dates to the late 1980s, when it hosted a summit of the nations of the Non-Aligned Movement. Today the structure has been renovated and expanded with a hotel and commercial spaces.

Aresline took part in the project inside the restaurant, the offices, the classrooms, and most of all in the multipurpose main hall, which has a seating capacity of 500 people.

For the latter, a new seating layout was designed to make the space customisable to meet specific needs, or completely free thanks to the use of around 1,380 Papillon chairs (instead of the previous 800) that can be quickly closed and stowed in special trolleys, and a transportable telescopic grandstand with 504 Myspace seats.



  • 1,380 Papillon seats, stowable in trolleys
  • 504 Myspace chairs on transportable telescopic grandstand
  • 7 total models of chairs
  • 3,000 total seats supplied


Convention Center "Olof Palme"



Managua, Nicaragua


End use

Multifunctional conference room, offices, lecture halls and restaurant



Arch. Bruno Belluomini


Covered Surface

3,748 mq


Supplied seats



Supplied products

1.380 Papillon, 504 Myspace, 490 Zero9, 420 Woody, Mya, Naxos, Trendy, Zero7​​​​​​​


Year of completion


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Technical Data


3,000 seats



3,748 mq


installed products

1,380 Papillon, 504 Myspace, 490 Zero9, 420 Woody, Mya, Naxos, Trendy, Zero7

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