Centro de Capacitation "Olof Palme"


In June 2013, Nicaragua signed an agreement with Hong Kong for the construction of a 278-kilometre-long canal connecting the Pacific to the Caribbean, to allow the passage of container ships that are too large to pass through the Panama Canal. This initiative brought a range of strategic sub-projects with it: ports, airports, roads and tourist structures.

Aresline seized the opportunity of working in Nicaragua and collaborated on a project with Bruno Belluomini, an architect, in Managua.

Managua has a difficult past: a big city surrounded by greenery that has survived earthquakes, fires, hurricanes, dictatorships and wars, all of which have left deep scars. The Olof Palme Convention Centre was built here at the end of the 1980s by the Sandinista government, with a financial contribution from Sweden, to host a summit of the Non-Aligned Countries. The renovation works were planned bearing in mind the peculiar aspects of the building (its shape, structure and materials), aspects that had to be maintained because they contribute to the building’s uniqueness. In addition to the restructuring and renovation project, a further project included the expansion of the convention centre to include a three-star hotel, a large multi-utility hall with a seating capacity for up to five hundred persons and commercial areas both for the Convention centre and the hotel. Aresline’s role in the project was to do with the interiors of the restaurant, the offices, educational rooms and a plenary hall. As regards the latter, the designer was limited to renovating the false ceiling with embedded lighting systems and wooden flooring. Thanks to a new, more efficient distribution of seats, there are now around 1,380 Papillon seats by Aresline (in place of the previous 800). Rolling back the red leather chairs with a simple movement and storing them in special carts to save space and allowing the hall to be used differently is easy.


  •  1,380 storablee Papillon seats
  •  7 different types of seat
  • Total of 2,440 seats supplied


Centro congressi "Olof Palme "


Managua, Nicaragua

End use

Auditorium, ristorante, uffici e didattica


Bruno Belluomini

Covered Surface

3.748 mq

Supplied seats


Supplied products

1.380 Papillon, 490 Zero9, 420 Woody, Mya, Naxos, Trendy, Zero7​​​​​​​

Year of completion


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Technical data


2.440 seats


3.748 mq

installed products

1380 Papillon 490 Zero9, 420 Woody, Mya, Naxos, Trendy, Zero7

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