Academy of Art "Wladislaw Streminski"

The Academy of Arts (ASP ), initially the National Visual Arts State Highschool, was founded in 1945 by a group of artists tied to the city of Lodz including the great painter Wladyslaw Strzeminski, for whom the university is named. The artistic and educational orientation is inspired by the German Bauhaus since it intends to immediately offer training that combines Technology, Culture, Art and Industry. The hall, that evokes the artistic trends of its founders, was furnished with Concerto seats and well represents the spirit of the academy. In fact, professors and students, especially in the textile and clothing fields, can interact with the outside world and organise, for example, public lessons or fashion shows with clothing created by students. The Concerto seat was the best solution since, thanks to its small size,  promotes free passage between rows. The selected finishes are top quality with embroidered seat and row numbers and wooden backs, base and tablet. 



  • Concerto, thanks to its limited size, favours the free passage of people between the lines.
  • Finishes are of absolute value.
  • Embroidered place and row numbering
  • Wooden writing table, retro-back, base. 


 Academy of Art " Wladislaw Streminski" Conference Hall


Lodz, Poland

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Congress hall, auditorium

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ingombro limitato

Concerto, grazie al suo limitato ingombro favorisce il libero passaggio delle persone tra le file.


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poltrone arricchite, su richiesta, da finiture pregiate come la  numerazione di posto e fila ricamati

 ed il retro schienale, lo zoccolo, il tavolo scrittoio in legno.

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