Ministero degli Esteri Palazzo Farnesina

The multifunctional room of the Farnesina was named after Aldo Moro in remembrance of his appointment to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where he worked nearly continuously from 1969 to 1976. Located in a convenient position for welcoming important foreign visitors and guests (at the special entrance, located on the mezzanine level of the Palace), the room was inspired by innovative design criteria, effective acoustics and an image appropriate for the Ministry.


Able to accommodate up to 99 guests, the room can be arranged in various configurations (conferences and press areas, high level meetings, political and cultural events, exhibitions and cinematographic screenings) thanks to the multifunctionality and ease of storing Papillon chairs; it is also equipped with two interpretation rooms, television equipment and image projection and videoconference systems.



  • 99 Papillon for the multipurpose hall dedicated to Aldo Moro..
  • The hall can be arranged in various configurations thanks to the multi-functionality and the ease of stowage of Papillon.


Multipurpose hall "Aldo Moro"



Rome, Italy


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Multipurpose hall


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