Confcommercio, sala Abbascià


The Abbascià Hall in the Rome headquarters, was initially meant to be fitted by Aresline with seats on wheels.

After listening to the customer’s needs and the technical characteristics required to make the most effective

use of the Hall by its end users, some new scenarios came to the fore.

In agreement with the Studio Napolitano, a decision was taken to transform the facilities in the Hall and make them more comfortable, but also more functional.

We designed and built a desk that could house all the hi-tech equipment possible and developed customised turrets with built-in multimedia equipment. 82 Chrono seats with floor-fitted sides and padding communicate with the same number of Parlamento desks, whereas we chose Papillon seats in Kvadrat fabric.



  • 82 parlament desks on demand that could house all the hi-tech equipment possible
  • 82 Chrono seats
  • Papillon with Kvadrat fabric


Abbascià hall


Rome, Italy

End use

conference hall


Studio Napolitano

Supplied chairs


Supplied products

Chrono, Papillon, parlament desks on demand

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Affrontiamo ogni progetto con soluzioni mirate e, come in questo, su misura per rispondere alle necessità del cliente.


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Tutti i prodotti Ares Line sono garantiti 7 anni e sono certificati da i più importanti enti. La classe 1IM di reazione al fuoco è di serie per la maggior parte dei prodotti e su richiesta per gli altri.


Stile e personalizzazione

Proponiamo una vastissima cartella tessuti e pelli per la più ampia personalizzazione.


Technical data


82 postazioni


installed products

Chrono, Papillon, Parlament desks on demand

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