UNESCO - Salle X

The UNESCO celebrated its 70th anniversary with a new and technologically advanced executive board meeting  Room. Planning and completion by Contract Design Network team.


In 2014, UNESCO proposed to renew its executive board meeting room at its headquarter in Paris, to celebrate its  70th anniversary in 2015. This proposal was presented and immediately accepted by the general commission. A  few months after it was proposed, the project went live. The Eiffel Tower-facing building was inaugurated in 1958.  Known worldwide for its architectural ingenuity and use of advanced building technology available at the time,  the structure was designed by many world-renowned architects and engineers. Especially does the circular design of the executive committee’s conference room symbolise equality in dignity of all its executive board members, while the ceiling’s design represents the meeting of minds under a single keystone. The ceiling is made up of 20 prefabricated radial beams while the wood covered walls and ceilings were a complement of high aesthetic and acoustic performances. UNESCO wanted to celebrate its 70th anniversary in a newly renovated executive board meeting room, where the new millennium and its history would meet, a history that stood as its symbol and character. From the planning to its actual completion, the project was supervised by the technical team of  Contract Design Network – a network of industry leaders in their respective sectors who collaborate to provide a complete end-to-end support to its clients. Every single improvement was made with the executive board members’ comfort in mind – a new meeting table and ergonomic seats – which maintains the image the 1958 architects had in mind while improving their performance to comply with today ’s regulations. 

While the technical and electric equipment has been subject of revision, the most advanced new technologies available for meeting rooms today have been adopted. That includes integrated multimedia solutions and electronic devices, such as integrated audio/video control devices, conference systems, simultaneous translation and electronic voting, lighting management and  networking, though the whole system has been integrated in the seats which come with microphones, headsets  and control panels. 



  • CDN is a global partner and a single intermediary
  • total renewal of the executive board meeting room
  • chairs with integrated microphone, earphones and control panel
  • 183 Tempo seats with integrated technology
  • 106 Trendy First Class
  • Tecno Frame platform
  • custom conference table with integrated technology
  • multimedia systems and electrical equipment


Unesco Salle X



Paris, France


End use

executive board meeting room



Contract Design Network


Covered surface

88.000 mq


Supplied chairs



Supplied products

Tempo, Trendy First Class


Year of completion


If interested, please contact us

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Single intermediary

The benefit offered by the CDN network is clear!

The customer interfaces with a single intermediary, the project manager, who coordinates the companies on the network to provide clear, quick and unequivocal answers.

For this project, we provided all the furnishing, the entire technological and integrated audio/video solutions system and management of lighting and networking. All using the most state-of-the-art technology available.


Integrated technology

Constant teamwork between the CDN companies has allowed us to devise integrated solutions.

The 183 Tempo seat has a microphone, earphones and control panel for simultaneous translation, the conference system and electronic voting.

The Tecno Frame platform on which all the furniture is positioned conceals the cabling of the entire room.


Respect for the locations and innovation

As specifically requested by the customer, we abided by the symbolism of the forms chosen by the architects in 1958, but made substantial changes in terms of technology, function and ergonomics.


Technical data


289 members



 400 mq 


installed products

Tempo , Trendy First Class



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