Our Corporate Project in Support of Pollinators


In the early months of 2023, we decided to embrace one of 3Bee's regeneration projects to support pollinators because pollution, pesticide use, climate change, and other factors are causing a reduction in habitats and a decrease in resources, posing a threat to their presence on Earth.


3Bee is an organization that promotes projects for the protection of biodiversity and has developed the 'Hive-Tech' technology. This technology, equipped with sensors placed in beehives, detects biological parameters (temperature, humidity, sound spectrum) of bees, defining the health status of each hive.

Furthermore, 3Bee advocates and supports the creation of green areas with the planting of nectar-bearing trees, monitored by specialized technology, providing essential support for pollinating insects.

Our Oasis


We have decided to adopt a beehive and a nectar-bearing forest in the Veneto region (Italy).


3Bee has involved the beekeeper Alberto Volpato from Apicoltura TeraMama in our project. The uniqueness of his activity lies in moving beehives from the sea to the mountains, practicing nomadic beekeeping in the provinces of Venice, Padua, and Vicenza. In Venice, he produces wildflower honey and the rare barena honey. In the Padua province, he produces honey from acacia trees in the Euganean Hills and linden trees. In the Vicenza area, he produces mountain linden honey and chestnut honey. Our beehive is named Luna, and its queen bee is named Stella!


Our forest, on the other hand, is located at Fattoria L'Ape Regina, owned by Fabio Merzari in the province of Verona. It is a farm dedicated to cultivating vegetables for local sale. For years, it has been supporting the local ecosystem with nectar-bearing plants cultivated with the goal of nourishing pollinator insects for crops.


The results of our Oasis!


By means of our project involving the planting of 50 nectar-bearing trees and the adoption of the Luna beehive, we believe we can support a beekeeper and a cultivator, protect 300,000 bees, pollinate approximately 300,000,000 flowers, produce 50 kg of nectar, and absorb 1504 kg of CO2.

Monitor our Oasi


Thanks to the virtual oasis, you can monitor our forest and our Luna beehive: click here and observe the changes!


Our contribution to the regeneration of biodiversity!


Bee Sustainable!