Aresline is Industry 4.0


Axis 3 Action 3.1.1



Within the framework of the tender DGR 769 of 04/06/2019 - Action 3.1.1 - Sub action A, WINDOW A "Industry 4.0 - Call for proposals for contributions to companies in the manufacturing and craft services sectors" ARES LINE has purchased a new machine for the production of packaging on demand, using continuous corrugated cardboard, which can be integrated with the company's management software in keeping with industry 4.0.

Thanks to this the machine for the production of corrugated cardboard boxes, we achieved the following results:

  • Fast packaging design for new or customised products
  • Greater rationalisation of packaging in transport vehicles
  • Where possible, we have replaced plastic protectors with cardboard ones inside the packaging
  • Production scheduling by way of connecting the machine to the management system via Ethernet

The company received financial support of €21,750 for the realisation of the project.