Aresline at the YACademy


Experience and training

in design for community spaces



With 12 Pritzker Prizes (the Nobel Prizes of architecture) in its faculty panel, YACademy is among the most prestigious and celebrated of postgraduate training institutions. The School's educational initiatives cover diverse subject areas and are carried out in collaboration with distinguished partners and through study of the works of the finest contemporary architects.


Aresline has embarked on a partnership with YACademy for training in community space design.


Knowledge of specific aspects about the use and purpose of spaces is essential for a more in-depth overview that allows us to offer targeted solutions.


This space-use analysis precisely defines the technological solutions that determine the configuration of the space, for example, from full to empty, where our product - customised seating designed to meet specific needs - fits in.


Planning seating in the space involves knowledge of regulations that from country to country define the safety of attendees: from the number of seats to their distance, to the specific characteristics of the seating such as, for example, being fireproof or having systems in place to prevent accidents in case of panic or alarm.

In addition, evaluation should be done from the perspective of durability and sustainability: knowing the tests and certifications that specifically apply to the seats helps to make more informed choices.


The seats can also have optional features that bring the experience of the space into step with current use of modern-day tools and technology. That’s not all. There are also specific customisations available to ensure social inclusion and accessibility, a topic still too often overlooked in design.


Last but not least is the topic of acoustics, which is applied to every aspect of the environment down to the seating itself, for high-performance and comfortable spaces.



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