Première represents a continuation in the evolution of products for public spaces, the highest expression of design, ergonomics and function.

A collaboration between Pininfarina and Aresline has led to the creation of Première - a remarkable product that combines original aesthetic ideas and advanced technological solutions. The monolithic design blends comfort and elegance, revealing its full potential only when it is in use. A strong desire for innovation inspired Première.


Wellness@Work Award EIMU.2006 - Milano

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  • When closed, the seat takes up just 30 cm
  • A patented “silent closing” system ensures the synchronised noiseless movement of the seat and back
  • It can be fitted with a large writing tablet that folds discreetly inside the arm
  • Floor mounted with concealed screws
  • A wide range of wood finishes are available
  • 7-year warranty
  • Class 1IM reaction to fire



Paolo Pininfarina

He was born in Turin on 28/08/1958. He graduated in Mechanical Engineering at the Polytechnic of Turin, in 1982 and began his activity at Pininfarina.

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We are the only Italian company offering a 7-year warranty on our products.

Please contact the Quality and Environment office for information on the certificates available on the series.




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