Acoustic Seating: Sofas and Modules


Natural synergies bring forth products with prominent acoustic characteristics. We invest in the study of versatile, modular products because we believe that comfort must always be tailor-made. Discover all of the acoustic seating solutions by Aresline!


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Fonology brings Acoustic Well-Being to our Seating Solutions


Thanks to the experience we gained with Fonology—the brand that was founded by Aresline specializing in design solutions to improve acoustic comfort—we can develop sofas and acoustic modules that are functional, above all, but also capable of significantly improving the acoustic performances of the environments in which they are located.


Italian Designer Acoustic Seating


The collaboration with leading Italian design studios was an important element in the development of our acoustic sofas and modules. Designers, like Progetto CMR and Frigerio Design Group, helped us with the choice of the best materials and shapes to ensure acoustic comfort. In turn, these solutions eliminated the need to carry out any special environmental measures.


Why Choose Acoustic Seating?


Often, in open-space work environments like large halls, the fluidity of the spaces interferes with the ability to concentrate or to take a proper break. Surrounded 360° by an environment with constant stimuli and interactions, some of which are sought and desired and others which are not necessarily, these open-space contexts require small islands of tranquility: modules that guarantee ergonomically and acoustically comfortable micro-environments. These modular systems help create protected spaces to build relationships and/or maintain privacy and individuality.


Finishing Touches: Colors, Materials, and Fabrics


Aresline offers a wide range of fabrics, finishes, and colors to customize products and create perfect, personalized environments. Aresline appeals to the most demanding customers, seeking to achieve the best results together.


Premium Sustainable Materials


We use the best materials available on the market: Polypropylene or polyamide (even from recycled sources); wood of various kinds and qualities; steel of different thicknesses and shapes; aluminum alloys; self-extinguishing and CFC-free polyurethanes presenting densities per cubic meter that are most suitable for maximum comfort, glued with water-based resin adhesive; class-1 fire retardant coatings with suitable grammage and high abrasion Martindale tests.

Our products are designed to ensure the user’s maximum postural comfort, in compliance with all current safety regulations.


Our products are certified as follows:

  • EN 16139/2013 (a standard that specifies the requirements for safety, strength, and durability for all non-domestic type seating);
  • EN 1728/2012 (a standard that specifies the test methods for the determination of strength and durability);
  • They come with fireproof certification;
  • They comply with environmental and ecological criteria;
  • This allows us to be the only ones in Italy able to offer a 7-year warranty on all our products.

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Custom Solutions


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