21.9 cm when the smallest dimensions are needed!

The area of use is wider thanks to the flexible back and seat, which are perfectly vertical when closed.

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V9.1, exactly like V9.9, offers the possibility of customization to suit needs and style.

Starting with the side, V9.1 exists in the entirely upholstered BASE version, the WOOD version in wood or  the AIR version with the unusual aerial foot that makes it lightweight.

The seat and the backrest can also be chosen in the basic and wood version.




  • Ergonomic and practical, for the best use of space
  • Compared to its "sister" V9.9, the V9.1 closes in only 21.9 cm, making you save 8 cm.
  • It is designed to be integrated perfectly with Tecno Frame Mobile: the telescopic platform which completes your space.
  • Perfect for the Flexseat system, which allows the seats to be concealed under the floor
  • 7-year warranty
  • Class 1IM reaction to fire

Tecno Frame Mobile


Tecno Frame Mobile is an innovative system of steps on guides and wheels to reconfigure your space in just a
few minutes. Tecno Frame Mobile is a Made in Italy product designed and manufactured by MASON s.r.l. a CDN partner.
A team of technical and sales consultants from MASON works with Ares Line to accompany you in all phases,
from conception to creation, installation and after-sales assistance.



Flexseat and the range of V9. seats have been designed together to allow the most dynamic use of spaces
with multiple uses (fair facilities, auditoriums, dance floors, museums, restaurants and many more). Flexseat
has been designed to create continuous rows, without having to double up arm-rests, up to a maximum of
9 seats. The product also includes multiple cabled or wireless control stations and the flooring and all the
finishes are chosen by the customer, within the structural limits of the system.
Flexseat is manufactured by DECIMA s.r.l., an Italian CDN partner company 





Giovanni Baccolini has been working with Aresline on the creation of seating for workplaces and collective spaces since 1996.


Dimensions (cm)


Backrests: all

Seats: all

Sides: all

Accessories: all

Possible installations:

- space between rows min. 80cm (Italian regulation); recommended step height 40cm;

- installation on a curve: R<5m only for version with centre-to-centre distance of 54/56cm with double side; 5<R>20m only for version with centre-to-centre distance of 56cm (min. 100 places); R>20m for version with centre-to-centre distance of 54/56cm


Maximum gradient: max. 5% with tablet, max. 12% without tablet




We are the only Italian company offering a 7-year warranty on our products.

Please contact the Quality and Environment office for information on the certificates available on the series.


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