Giovanni Baccolini


Giovanni Baccolini


Born in 

1956, Bologna



2013 “Neocon Silver Award”

with Zero9 by Aresline
2008 ”Mobitex“

with Amadeus by Stulwerk

2007 Well-tech Award

with Pratko Light by Della Rovere

Born in Bologna (Italy) in 1956, Giovanni Baccolini became a well-known Designer thanks to a challenge that he took up by himself.
Graduated as Industrial Technician, Giovanni Baccolini began his activity as a designer in the sector of Cycle and Motorcycle. Afterwards, he started working as technical supplier of polyurethane manufactured articles for "Ilpo Divisione Integrali" with several companies of the home, office and contract furniture field: Molteni, Rolf Ben, Castelli, Poltrona Frau, Knoll International, Olivetti Synthesis.

After a working experience of 20 years, since the wide quantity of knowledge he has vested, Giovanni decided to take the risk of opening, in 1992, his own Design studio called "Studio Omega".
As himself likes to highlight, it has been a great risk, perhaps a sin of presumption, but even if becoming a Designer was a hard game to play, he has achieved it. Giovanni Baccolini today cooperates with numerous important companies among which there are Aresline, Arper, Rolf Ben, Sesta, Kohl, Compir, Lamm, Ciclolinea, Pietranera, Sedoff, Cir-Anthos, Donati, Stulwerk and recently he is also dealing with "Pininfarina Design".

The reason of the success of Giovanni Baccolini is due, without any doubt, to the will of following his ambitions, and to the condition that he could develop enough experience on the matter of design. Giovanni Baccolini is indeed a trustworthy designer because he is able to create not only a product of high quality but also a complete service which offers all the right answers to the needs both of the companies and trends of the modern world.


since 1996 Giovanni Baccolini collaborates with Aresline for the creation of seats for workplaces and collective spaces.